I love hearing from my previous customers, please get in touch with any comments (and let me know if you are willing to share them here).

Here are a few recent testimonials:

Just a quick note to thank you for the reflexology session. After four years of coming to you, I still get so much out of each session it’s quite incredible.

It never ceased to amaze me how you analyse my whole body from my feet! This time you identified and worked on my shoulder ache, which is now much better, thank you!

You are always so considerate and professional, I feel so relaxed, rejuvenated and de-stressed! I cannot recommend you highly enough. See you again soon.

Greg L

Although initially skeptical, I loved Anu’s reflexology!

She is a highly skilled and sensitive therapist, so every session is a treat as well as a treatment.

I always feel like a new and improved version of myself afterwards.

Sharon V

I really want you to know how much your reflexology has helped me.

I came to see you when I was at a very low point, I had under-active thyroid, fluctuating sugar levels, anxiety, depression, hot flushes, hormones in chaos I would say! It has been a slow process, reflexology isn’t a magic pill, but it has helped me so much.

First the improvement to my digestion and metabolism and now I almost feel “myself” again.  The last two sessions have really helped my energy levels and brain function.